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Q:How long does it take to refinish a tub?

A:Normally 5-6 hours

Q:Can you change the color of the tub and the wall tiles?

A:Yes, we can refinish to the color that you like and also if you want we can make it look like marble or granite to change the design of your tub and wall tile.

Q:How long do I have to wait to use my tub or counter top after refinishing?

A:Normally it would be withen 24 hours, but we recommend 48 hours.

Q:How long will the product last?

A: Many years to come depending on the care that it gets.

Q:What should I do before you arrive?

A:Remove all items from counbter top and bathroom area.Clean the tub and tile the best you can. Remove shower curtains, shower doors and all accessories that are in the bathroom.Vacuum the area or pass a moist cloth over the walls.(We do not want dust blowing over the surfaces or landing on the refinished surface.)

Q:What is the cost compaired to a liner system over the tub and walls?

A:Approximently a third to half the cost.

Q:How far do you travel?

A:We travel the whole state of Maine.

Q:Will there be fumes?

A:Yes, there are fumes that are generated, however I vent the fumes out with a commercial exhaust system with filters. I add Odor Zap in which eliminates about 85% of the smell from the glaze. This works extremely well in my oppinion.

Q:What is the top coat used?

A:A high performance: two-component chemically cured Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane Gloss Enamel.

Q:Why do differnt companies charge different prices?

A:It's like anything else when you are buying things. You get what you pay for. To do a bathtub for only $300.oo there are short cuts that half to be taken and most times they use cheaper material to do it.People usually don't have the proper equipment to do the process.



“I was so surprised how quick everything went with my tub and tile. It all looks wonderful"

Mary T.
Fort Fairfield, ME


"Marbleizing my claw tub looked incredible!"

Josh L.
Portland, ME


"My counter top was done in a professional manner and it looks great."

Sarah F.
Waterville, ME


"I am glad you came and refinished my tub. Because it was very dull and had a few chips and many scratches. I've had this tub for over 40 years. You came in and brought it new life. Thank you very much."

Sandra V.


"I'm glad that you showed me that we could save thousands of dollars in remopdeling our bathroom and not having to throw anything away and salvaging what we already have, just because the color didn't suit me. You did a wonderful job! Thank you."

Adam K.