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What We Do

  • We refinish and repair fiberglass tubs, steel tubs, and porcelain tubs.
  • We refinish your existing counter tops(formica or ceramic tile) to make it look like granite, marble or stone.There is no need to throw anything away, just keep what you already have instead of going through the cost of tearing everything out.To save you thousands of dollars.
  • We refinish claw tubs to any color, style or look that you may have. If you have an idea, please let us know and I will be happy to work with you.
  • We refinish ceramic tile and drywall, if you would like to change the color of your tile, no problem. We can make it look like granite, marble or stone.Even if you would like your grout lines to be regrouted to a different color if you choose to. No need to change the tile.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • One day completion of most work.
  • If you change your mind when I arrive that you want a different color or style, no problem. We aim to please.


At Better Ways we believe in keeping what you have and already own. We don't believe in throwing anything away. Just because the color or the style may seem out dated, maybe worn out, does not have the shine that it once had; that we can refinish it to a different color, style to your choosing.

At Better Ways we believe in keeping cost down in which it is very important to our customers. Why tear out, replace and try to remove something that is still in good service?

The average cost to replace tub, tile, flooring, plumbing, and electric is anywhere between $3500 to the sky is the limit, depending on what you want. The time it takes to do this is anywhere between two to four weeks. In which you can't use your bathroom, but with refinishing there is no need to wait that long. Most jobs that we do usually take no more than half a day, and can be used within 24 hours or earlier. (Depending on the situation.)

At the way it costs today, to do things in this economy there is a better way in bringing the things that you have and already own in place to its original look. For even yet a better look with different colors or styles that will last for many years to come.